NCLC Important Dates 17-18

08/21—08/24/2017 Full-Time and Half-Time Member Orientation

*Webinars can be viewed from anywhere.  Specific times TBD before service year begins.

Month Event Description


8/21-8/24/2017: Full Time and Half Time Member Orientation
September 9/11-9/15/2017: 9/11 Week of Service and Remembrance

9/23/2017: Minimum Time Member Orientation

9/28/2017: Monthly Webinar- Implicit Bias and Education


TBD: 2 Day AmeriCorps member launch (sponsored by the Commission)

10/21/2017: Make a Difference Day
10/27-10/28/2017: SCALE Read.Write.Act. Virtual Conference
November 11/10/2017: Monthly Webinar- Civic Engagement
December 12/07/2017: Monthly Webinar- Service Learning

1/14/2018: 2nd Quarter Training

1/15/2018: 2nd Quarter Training (Half Day)/ Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service

February 2/01-2/08/2018: National Literacy Action Week (NLAW Webinar, Saturday, 2/04)

3/15/2018: Monthly Webinar- “Choose your topic” and GYSD check in*

Second week of March: AmeriCorps Week (Member Appreciation!)

03/24/2018 “Let’s Talk Racism” Conference

3/25/2018: 3rd Quarterly Training

April 4/20-4/22/2018: Global Youth Service Day
May 5/17/2018: Monthly Webinar- Leveraging Your AmeriCorps Experience
June 6/14/2018: Monthly Webinar- Job Search and Networking Strategies
July 7/13/2018 (Friday): 4th Quarterly Training and Graduation