Lynette Tillery

NCLC 2015-2016
I served with NC LiteracyCorps during the 2015 – 2016 service year at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Wake County. There I worked as a Literacy Specialist helping grades K – 8 find the joy of reading. While working there, I provided tutoring help, managed volunteers, and piloted a program called BRAIN GAIN: Read! for grades K – 3 where students listened to and read a book then participated in a fun activity that reinforced what they learned and read. Currently, I’m a Peace Corps Volunteer working in the education sector in Madagascar where I teach English as a Foreign Language for grades K – 12. When I served with NCLC, I learned to take initiative to provide engaging programming for the people I served. This has continued in my current line of work in Peace Corps as I currently run 2 English Clubs, a Dance/Exercise Club, and a Movie Club. I am hoping to start a library/technology center at my school in the future.

Malenia Swinton

NCLC 2015-2016

I served with Communities In Schools of Durham during the 2015-2016 school year at multiple school sites in Durham. My decision to serve an AmeriCorps term focusing on literacy was to have an opportunity to work in an effective education organization and get more hands-on with students in a school setting. I’m still working with CIS of Durham, but now as the Development and Communications Director. My AmeriCorps term has helped me understand what happens in the field work carried out by my colleagues; and has ultimately impacted the way I share stories about our work, write grants, and interact with stakeholders. It has made all the difference to have worked directly in programs.

Jamie Apone

NCLC 2013-2014 & 2014-2015
NCLC 2013-2014 &2014-2015

I served with the Durham Literacy Center from 2013-2015 as the AmeriCorps member in the Adult Literacy Program.  As a part of this experience, I taught and tutored, collected and managed data, collaborated with a team, and planned county-wide events. I also traveled to Atlanta for a Points of Light conference on volunteerism and to several local cities for trainings through the North Carolina Community College system. I am still working with the Durham Literacy Center, but in a new capacity: I am the lead instructor and program coordinator for the GED and Life Skills Program at the Durham County Detention Center. I would never have considered this position without the training in classroom management, lesson planning, and information management garnered by my AmeriCorps experience.

Tania Loria

tania loria alumni (SQUARE)
NCLC 2013-2014 & 2014 2015
I served with NC LiteracyCorps during the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 service years at Literacy Connections of Wayne County. I am currently working at Steele Memorial Library in Mount Olive. I have continued to utilize the skills that I learned when I was serving at Literacy Connections, when helping adults here at the library. I am currently planning computer classes for adults who speak English as a second language. I still serve on the Latino Council of Wayne County (a role I began while serving in AmeriCorps) and help plan workshops for Hispanic families.

Maranatha  Wall

alumni maranatha wall (SQUARE)
NCLC 2014-2015
I served at Duke University’s Program in Education as a Program Assistant for Partners For Success. I served at sites tutoring children, facilitated training and reflection activities with Duke undergraduates, worked on program evaluation, communicated with community partners, and worked closely with Duke faculty. I have enjoyed and had an interest in student development within the college setting since my time at Duke Divinity School (graduated spring 2013) where I served as a Resident Advisor and as an athletic mentor. The opportunity to serve as an NCLC AmeriCorps member at Duke allowed me to resume that interest after having worked in the nonprofit sector for a little over a year. An opening was created in my office when my amazing supervisor transitioned into another role. She thought I would be a great fit for her former job, so when the time came, I applied and interviewed, and I got the job! It’s been 6 months in this new role and I feel fairly comfortable. Alongside this year’s AmeriCorps member, I plot and brainstorm ways in which we can make the program better and then we try to put those ideas into action.