As we know, “all humans need to be recognized in a meaningful way for their efforts” (Michigan State University 2012).  Recognition not only fosters self-esteem, but builds confidence in all individuals. It is a critical component of volunteer retention, as well as a motivator for students to thrive. Volunteers who feel appreciated will: positively connect to their programs or organizations of choice, continue support and involvement beyond one year, and become  recruiters for other volunteers that will serve.

Kiana Parker, Tutor

Also, received Special Recognition for serving the most volunteer time this year with the amount of 39.33 hours. She plans to come back next year.


Throughout the service term, volunteers and students were recognized by the literacy coordinator  when communicating positive words of affirmation for exhibiting hard work (students/tutors), going the extra mile (students/tutor), and just being professional or caring about the students (tutors).  On May 23, 2018, volunteers and students were formally recognized for their efforts during the year with a celebration and time to fellowship with each other. Volunteers received a framed poem entitled “A Tribute to Volunteers,” along with a certificate of recognition. Students also received various types of certificates of recognition for the hours engaged in the tutorial program, GYSD, or just for assisting the program in any capacity.



PreK-10th grade students being recognized.                                  Madison Foster, Kindergarten begin recognized.


Although this was a small tribute to recognize both stakeholders, feedback from students and tutors indicated that the recognition was appreciated. We must remember the importance of recognition, no matter how small to: a.increase success of students served, b. increase commitment of the volunteers who serve, and c. increase the success of the program that provides the service.


Never forget the Power of a simple thank you, in oral or written form.


It has been an honor to serve the students and families at the Franklin County Boys & Girls Club.




Amiee Richardson, MSA

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