Briana serves at SCALE/America Reads in Chapel Hill, NC, working to equip college students to address the literacy needs of our country.



I initially joined AmeriCorps because I thought it would just look good on my resume since it was a national organization, but I didn’t realize how many skills I would learn from AmeriCorps that would actually benefit me in the workplace. One of the biggest skills that I learned throughout this service year is teamwork. I’ve always been a bit bossy and I like to do things on my own, but in AmeriCorps I worked with other members very frequently during service days and other projects and I’ve come to enjoy sharing tasks and responsibilities. Teamwork seems like a very obvious skill that anyone could possess, but there is a difference in good and bad teamwork and AmeriCorps taught me to be a great team member. I also learned the skill of self-management this year. This is a big one, considering I’m a college student who likes to procrastinate. As an AmeriCorps member, there are certain deadlines that I have to meet and we are in charge of our own projects; we don’t have anyone really reminding us to keep on top of our work, so I liked the freedom that I had, but I also liked that I was forced to manage my time and energy better. The last major skill I gained from AmeriCorps is planning and organizing. I could not believe how many things I’ve planned in just the 6 months I’ve been in AmeriCorps. I’ve done lesson plans for my elementary school students, I’ve helped organize several service days, and I’ve helped organize meetings. This is a fantastic skill to learn because so many jobs require this kind of experience such as careers in business or education. I’ve had quite a few jobs throughout high school and college, but none of those experiences have taught me as much as my service time with AmeriCorps. I feel much more mature and professional now that I have been exposed to new skills and opportunities, plus it really does look amazing on your resume. Become an AmeriCorps member, you will not regret it!


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