Serving with the AVID program of Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools has been a very unique and interesting experience thus far. From what I have discussed with other LiteracyCorps members about the various programs that we serve in, mine is pretty different in the challenges and rewards that it offers. Instead of spending a significant amount of my time in one office with learners coming to me for help, I go to them in their various classrooms across the school district. A typical service day consists of me bouncing from class to class and school to school with the goal of assisting as many AVID teachers as I can in an efficient manner.

John Wright


These nomadic and ever-changing service days have many interesting benefits, but also some drawbacks of course. As someone who has never been much for offices and routine, this atypical service environment suits me well. I am a fan of how much this keeps me on my toes. One hour I could be working with a large group of rambunctious 6th graders that are still trying to learn the AVID tutorial process, the next I could be in a high school trying to coax a teenager into not being too cool to present what they have been working on to their group, and everything in between. It truly is fascinating getting to serve with such a wide spectrum of ages and getting to see a large portion of the k-12 public school system from the inside.

This exploration of the inner-workings of the public school system is really what drew me to this position in the first place. As someone with aspirations to become an educator one day, this service year offered a great opportunity to get into the classroom and really see what it takes to enter what is in my opinion one of the most demanding careers out there. I have developed an immense amount of respect for what these teachers do day in and day out. Even in Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools, which ranks number one in many metrics in the state and the region and is comparatively well funded as far as public education goes, these teachers go through so much to make sure that their students are set up for success in their future. After viewing all of this so far in my service year, I truly have seen how much need there is from all of us to advocate for the great institution that public education is. 

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